RCI International Ltd.

RCI International Ltd.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all at GECC Limited for handing over to us our new tray wash facility in Nuneaton, on time and under budget.

I must admit that given the dilapidated state the building was in when we signed our lease, I did have my doubts on whether GECC would be able to refurbish the building to the high standard we demanded to meet our food hygiene guidelines. I have to commend you all on your professionalism and knowledge and the help and guidance you gave – even before you had won the contract! Your professionalism continued throughout the project, and when we made fundamental changes to our requirements you still managed to get the job done. This is a testament to the high calibre Architect and Service Engineers you employ who were able to modify their plans while the refurbishment work continued, all without losing any time.

Our facility has been transformed by the work you have done. To remove the asbestos from the site, install new loading docks, fit out the whole warehouse with food grade lighting, install a fire and smoke alarm system and to assist with the installation of our machinery in such a short time frame is nothing short of a miracle! Coupled with this you also handled all the CDM side of the project and liaised on a regular basis with the Health and Safety Executive. I cannot thank you enough.

As you were aware, we had a critical date when work needed to be completed to enable our new machinery to be installed. We had equipment worth over £2 million being imported from Denmark on a set date that was not negotiable. This was the most important aspect of the whole refurbishment project which you delivered two weeks ahead of schedule.

To finish, i would also like to thank you for the construction of our new office facilities. They have been completed to a very high standard and i am very proud now to have customers visit us at our newly refurbished facility.

On a personal note Gary, many thanks for all the help and assurances you gave me personally throughout the project. You saved me from a lot of stress! Just os you are aware, I would have no issue at all in recommending GECC Ltd and yourself personally to any of your future clients should you need me to.

Yours sincerely, Alan Pitman, Managing Director, Ralph Coleman International Ltd.