Building Regulations

Industrial and Commercial Buildings

If you’re looking to develop a commercial or industrial property, you will need to consider relevant building regulations. Whether you’re building a small extension or undertaking a large-scale renovation, building regulations will apply to any alterations of existing buildings and most new buildings in England and Wales.

Gaining approval for building regulations is different to obtaining planning permission. At GECC, we will help you understand what is (and what is not) possible for your project by guiding you through this complex area. We will provide you with local knowledge and expertise to interpret the building regulations that will affect your project, which can be interpreted slightly differently by different local authorities.

Building regulations outline the minimum standard of building construction and health and safety. Instead of granting you the initial permission to build, building regulations deal with the standards of health and safety in and around a building project. Compliance must be carefully managed with local authority building inspectors and is a legal requirement. When GECC undertake any building work, we must consider and adhere to health and safety responsibilities. This includes being responsible for every person working on-site, to the general public, and to you as a business.

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