Asbestos Removal, Leicestershire

It is not unusual to find asbestos in both factory or office refurbishments. It was used in the past as a cheap way of providing fire insulation and walling material. It can also be found in roofs, gutters, down pipes, plastic tiles, cisterns and other items. Asbestos removal can be a big headache because it must be managed very carefully, complying with strict legal guidelines. Avoid this problem turning into a crisis – GECC can manage the removal of this toxic substance safely and efficiently.

You may not need to remove the asbestos. One option is to repair or ‘encapsulate’ damaged asbestos (unless the damage presents a danger to health). GECC can provide you with full advice on the repair of asbestos and asbestos encapsulation. Encapsulation is often more economical than asbestos removal and can be managed in several ways.

Our process includes supplying you with:

  • Correct Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Asbestos Removal paperwork and valid asbestos removal consignment notes.
  • Suitable plant and equipment to remove the asbestos and to conduct Air Tests.
  • Skilled labour to remove and dispose of the asbestos.

Read more about the legal guidelines on the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

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